The Shamus Dialogues

Short Stories by Friedrich Thorn

About the Author

Friedrich Thorn

Friedrich Thorn (an obvious nomme de plume) wrote The Shamus Dialogues and the forthcoming Shamus Versus the Seven Deadly Sins as an ongoing response to the strange events of recent years.  While not studded with achievement and awards, Mr. Thorn is known for his insightful observations about the human condition.  He enjoys long walks on the beach and parfait.

Friedrich Thorne in a top hat, white shirt, and tie

About Us​

Shamus the cat is an ancient creature, measuring his life in eons not years, from parts unknown in a dimension adjacent to our own.  While not omnipotent, and answering to a mysterious power even beyond his own imagination, Shamus is a creature of immense power, power not fully revealed to any human observer.

Unlike the human species, Shamus is a creature of order and duty, always fulfilling his obligations, albeit in his own unique and often amusing way.  It is said that the Cat will not cease in his effort to wrangle the human race towards a good end until he has fulfilled his mission.

Here are some of Shamus' greatest adventures

Chapter One

The Fool

A man in despair, a mysterious stranger, and a bottle of scotch.  What more do you need?

Chapter Three

Pay Attention

Fame makes fragile even the strongest of hearts.  Enter a young femme fatale who comes face to face with this fact, and a certain fiendish feline.

Chapter Four

Merchants of Death

How do you bring a powerful weapons dealer to her knees?  All you need is a six feet, seven inches cigar smoking cat.



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