The Shamus Dialogues

The Shamus Dialogues

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The Shamus Dialogues

Short Stories by Friedrich Thorn

The Shamus Dialogues


Meet Shamus, a towering feline standing at an impressive six feet seven inches, hailing from mysterious origins. Embark on a thrilling journey as Shamus disrupts the lives of unsuspecting humans, turning their world upside down and inside out. Brace yourself, for you might just be the next target of his unpredictable escapades..

About Shamus

Shamus the cat is an ancient creature, measuring his life in eons not years, from parts unknown in a dimension adjacent to our own. While not omnipotent, and answering to a mysterious power even beyond his own imagination, Shamus is a creature of immense power, power not fully revealed to any human observer.

Unlike the human species, Shamus is a creature of order and duty, always fulfilling his obligations, albeit in his own unique and often amusing way. It is said that the Cat will not cease in his effort to wrangle the human race towards a good end until he has fulfilled his mission.

Latest Stories

Here Are Some Of Shamus' Greatest Adventures

man in black and white stripe polo shirt holding bottle


The emptiness of my house was overmatched only by the emptiness in my heart.  I sat in the living room, my eyes staring at the

man wearing brown suit


I had joined the Army when I was eighteen.  I had the idea that I’d go on adventures if I were a soldier.  Many of

priest standing near brown concrete wall


Late one Sunday evening, after all the masses were complete, and the last of my parishioners had made their way to their homes, I was

photograph of person facing opposite in smoky spotlight


My private plane from Paris landed at JFK airport at precisely midnight.  I was exhausted from a whirlwind tour of some factories my company owned

white wooden fence on green grass field


I was fantastically famous, a born entertainer, who tore up the Hollywood scene for nearly a decade.  I was brash and beautiful, and no one


Fame drives a hard bargain, and many people end up on the losing side, and what’s lost is the very thing we should value most in life, our souls.  What happens when we hit rock bottom and don’t even know it?


The allure of wealth is one of the society’s greatest temptations, and who hasn’t dreamt of having all the money we can handle?  But, what are the consequences, not just to ourselves but to the great web of humanity that’s so fragile?


Despair doesn’t discriminate and under its weight many have fallen.  What happens when a young man, at the threshold of oblivion meets a mysterious stranger who just might have arrived in the nick of time?

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