The Shamus Dialogues

The Shamus Dialogues

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Late one night I was up and staring at the television screen watching a sports show.  The announcers droned on about some quarterback’s knee injury.  I found myself not caring about the story, but I couldn’t make myself change the channel.  I was transfixed, and my mind was wandering.  Just as my eyes began drooping, […]


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The emptiness of my house was overmatched only by the emptiness in my heart.  I sat in the living room, my eyes staring at the piece of paper that I found pinned to the front door.  Moisture welled up in my eyes, and the only thing I could think of, at this my lowest moment, […]


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I had joined the Army when I was eighteen.  I had the idea that I’d go on adventures if I were a soldier.  Many of my ancestors had been soldiers, but the soldiering in my family ended abruptly with my great grandfather.  I was the first to resume the tradition.  My parents weren’t too keen […]


priest standing near brown concrete wall

Late one Sunday evening, after all the masses were complete, and the last of my parishioners had made their way to their homes, I was in the rectory preparing a cup of hot chocolate.  I planned to sit in my favorite chair reading my well-worn copy of Saint Augustine’s City of God.  It was my […]


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My private plane from Paris landed at JFK airport at precisely midnight.  I was exhausted from a whirlwind tour of some factories my company owned in France.  My father started the company at the end of the Second World War.  He had been a soldier in the army and learned a lot about logistics, especially […]


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I was fantastically famous, a born entertainer, who tore up the Hollywood scene for nearly a decade.  I was brash and beautiful, and no one was more important to the world of movies and television than me.  I was a queen, and everyone did my bidding.  It was a dream life come true, and I […]


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I was a banker for twenty years.  It’s what I always wanted to do since I was a kid.  I used to pretend to be a banker, using fake money and making pretend loans to my parents.  I was good at it, and when I went to school I put all of my effort into […]


A strange thing happened to me.  I resolved to end my life by hanging myself from the rafters in my apartment.  I will not go into the details of my despair.  Suffice to say, that I came to the conclusion that my existence was meaningless and that I was better off dead than alive.  Having […]